Mindful Transitions is now providing therapy in Gainesville, GA!

We have officially started seeing clients in Gainesville, GA!

 Mindful Transitions Service Area 2018

This month, we started accepting and seeing clients in the Gainesville area. This is one of our biggest territory expansions, and we couldn’t be more pleased to be able to serve more seniors. Our clinical social worker, Lynn Lane, is currently accepting new clients in the Gainesville area.

Lynn Lane, LCSW with Mindful Transitions
Lynn Lane, LCSW

Mindful Transitions is committed to providing quality clinical social work services to Medicare beneficiaries. Mindful Transitions is a team of Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs) who are extensively trained to provide clinical social work services on site to seniors living in assisted and independent living environments.

What do you do?
-Provide individual therapy for older adults in their homes
-Conduct mental health assessments
-Treat depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, etc.
-Provide counseling to older adults through difficult transitions (e.g., a move to an assisted living community, the death of a spouse, the loss of physical functioning, etc.) 

Who Can Qualify For Therapy? Anyone who:
-Is over 65 years old,
-Receives Medicare,
-Wants psychotherapy in their home, and
-Lives within our service territory (which now includes Gainesville). 

How much does this cost? Usually $40-60/session:
-Medicare pays for 80% of our sessions.
-Most secondary insurance pays for the remaining 20%.
-There is a $40 house call fee/session for the in-home visit.
(Medicare Advantage Plans pay $0 of our services)

How do I learn more? 
-Call us at (678) 637-7166
-Spend more time on our website at www.mindfultransitions.com